Positive Impact


LOTUS reduces plastic footprint. Did you know that of the 30 million tons of plastic waste generated in the US in 2009, only 7 percent was recovered for recycling? We use only premium recycled premium glass beads cutting back on our plastic foot print. 

LOTUS uses chemical free fabrics. We only use Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 chemical-free cotton and fabrics.  This means our products are clean and safe, and made with soft premium cotton that's cool and breathable for year-round use.

LOTUS is responsibly manufactured. We have built a strong personal relationship with our manufacturer to ensure their factory's integrity maintain ethical production practices at every step of the process. 

LOTUS gives back. We believe in giving back to our communities and our planet. We donate a portion of profits to the Autism Services and Sleeping Children around the world, supporting children and families in need. 

LOTUS uses recycled plastic for packing.  All our blankets use a recycled bag for our packing. We use recycled plastic to help reduce the waste going into our landfills. Please reuse or recycle the packaging.